Sunday, December 15, 2013

Make your Pendrive Bootable


Hello guys. Today I'll teach you how to make your flash drive/pendrive Bootable.This method will take some several minutes.


* A iso file or copied files from any bootable CD

* A pendive of 4 GB but 8 GB is better

* A Computer


1.First extract the iso file with WinRAR, but if there is copied windows file so there is no need to extract [you can download full version WinRAR software from this blog]
2.Then connect your pendrive to your computer and format it.
3.Then open Run by pressing Windows key + R
4.Type there cmd and hit Enter button
5.After that a black page- Command Prompt will appear on your screen
6.Then type there diskpart and hit Enter
7.Then UAC security prompt will appear, you have to click OK.[it will show in Windows 7] 
8.Then again the command prompt page will come,type there list disk and then hit Enter
9.Then many drive's name will appear on your screen.find your pendrive. suppose your pendive's disk name is DISK 1 so you will type there SELECT DISK 1 and hit Enter.
10.After that type clean and hit Enter [if single Enter not works then hit Enter again]
11.Then type create partition primary and hit Enter
12.Then again hit Enter after typing select partition 1 
13.Then type active and hit Enter
14.After hiting the Enter button type format fs=ntfs quick and then again hit Enter
15.After formating type assign and hit Enter
16.Finally copy the windows files to your pendrive.

its done! your pendrive is now Bootable.Now restart your PC and press the F12 button to select your pendrive.
Then you can start your Windows setup.


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