Hey there! I'M Ashfaq Afzal Chowdhury (FAHIM) from Dhaka,Bangladesh. My short name is aAc Fahim.Everyone call me Fahim. I'M a simple boy from a simple family and i'm a student, I was born on the date of 30th September. I m living in Dhaka city at Mirpur area since from my childhood.Being a muslim human I always believe in Allah.My favourite subjects are English and Science And my favourite game is football and cricket. I really like video games.I have a keen interest in computers and other technologies.So my cyber life started when I was in class 5 at the age of eleven.I can remember that my first task was opening a Yahoo email account then day by day i started to find out many things on the internet and learnt many things over the internet.Internet helps me a lot for gaining knowledge about many things.Internet also helped me in studies a lot. Google is my best friend on this cyber world.It is the best search engine i have ever seen,whenever I needed help it helped me and still it is helping me. I believe that Internet can be the best way to change a mans life if he/she utilizes it on an honest way. I opened my blog at class 9 when I was passing my leisure time though i had a ton of studies :P and then steadily I post some tech related post on this blog and now ...  i'm here, hope i'll do better than before and do better than present on my future life. Fingers crossed.........  





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