Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Keeping Facebook account secure


Nowadays Facebook is a very strong and popular social site in the world. Most of the internet users has their own Facebook account and they love to use that frequently. Facebook is now a part of our lives. Facebook stores many memorable thoughts,pictures,videos and many other things. It is a very good way of communication also. So Facebook is a very important and useful thing for every users! But as it is getting famous some people are also trying to break the security of a facebook account to grab or deface those important stuffs! Which is called Facebook Hacking which is also a Cyber Crime as well. Day by day Facebook Inc. is improving a lot security issues on their system so that hackers can not break into their system OR steal someones account. But still there are some ways to hack someones facebook account's password. It depends on the users. So there are some things to keep notice on. Here are some steps to ensure account privacy and security.

1. Protect your Password: Password is a very essential thing to protect your account(s) from accessing other. Be sure that your Password is long including numbers,letters and symbols. Don't use your Birth date,name or anything that related with you as a password. Try something unique that no body knows. Do not use the same password that you have used already in other online accounts such as Email accounts. Use different passwords for different accounts. You can use password manager app (download only verified ones) to save your passwords to recall those.

2. Turn On the Login Approval: Login approval is pretty helpful for securing your account. It applies an extra security layer on your account which is also known as two step authentication system. If anybody steals your password then he/she cannot login OR get fully access on your account. After putting the username/email and password you have to put another code on the next box after login. That code will be sent on the users phone as a text message OR the user can get that code from his/her Facebook App. If that code is entered on that box then the user can gain access to his/her account otherwise its impossible to gain access. So login approvals can make hackers far away from defacing your important stuffs. If anybody knows your password then he/she has to get that one time use code also. This system can be added by setting and verifying your mobile number on your account.

3. Secure your Email account(s) : Since your facebook is connected with your email account(s), you have to protect those emails also. Because hackers can hack your Email account to reset your facebook account's password. So use a strong password and Two step authentication on your linked email account.

4. Think before you Click: Facebook and other social account users often face this threat. It is called Phishing Attack. The hacker tries to grab somebody's password by phishing links. It totally depends on the user.If that user click on those kind of links and follow that site's instructions,his/her accounts password will be stolen instantly. Normally this method is quite famous and still workable.This links contains a replicated image and information of a particular site (e.g ) that's why the users often puzzle and so they login with their email and password on that fake site/phishing site. As a result the hacker can get your password then can login in your account. But if you have turned on your Login Approval then that hacker can not login in your account! That guy has to input another code which is sent to your phone. So you can see that login approvals can help your account getting secured! To check any links/URL that you doubt,you can scan from here:

5. Remove untrusted apps: Untrusted apps that is installed on your facebook id is not fully safe! Since you have given the permission to post something and other access of your account to those apps so those untrusted apps are not fully safe! So it is good to remove those apps from your account.

6. Remove the untrusted browsers and seasons: Removing untrusted browsers and seasons from your account ensure more privacy of your account. Sometimes many browsers saves the season that you forgot to logout. You can remotely remove those seasons so that other person cannot use your account from that season from that place.


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