Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to see the viewer of your Facebook profile without any software.

Hello everyone,today i''l tell you how to see the viewer of your Facebook profile without any software.You can see that who has visited your facebook lets start... just follow my instructions

1.First log in your facebook and go to your profile
2.Then type Ctrl+U from your keyboard. It will open a Source code of your facebook page.
3.Then type Ctrl+F to open the search box
4.After that type [],{“list”: in the search box.then you can see that a list will open which is related to your facebook profile.  it will be like this---

[],{“list”: 100000428218692-2″,”100001796535546-2″,”100000421373889-2″,”100002977140210-2″,”100001299735489-2″,”100002049586594-2″,”1845456613-2″,”100005899852714-5”

In the first id you are seeing is the most visited id of your facebook profile,and the last id you are seeing is the lowest visitor of your facebook profile.
Now copy any id of them and paste to your adress bar. example: 
Now go to that URL. after loading the URL you can see that profile id ...


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