Sunday, June 14, 2015

Clearing the confusion the reason behind Facebook Hacking


Some of the people out there often request me to Hack someones Facebook account or any social network's account. This post is for those who often ask me to Hack. **SORRY TO THOSE WHO KNOWS MUCH BETTER ABOUT THIS, I AM JUST HIGHLIGHTING ABOUT THIS POINT ** 

So Talking about Hacking- It is a way, it is a technique or a trick to bypass someone’s login panel or make access without any authorization or something. It means the breaching of an online security system. Please guys stop creating rumours about hacking. SOME of the people don't know what actually Hacking is! Trust me i don't know the H of hacking, all I want to say that i got only the meaning of Hacking and i know a FEW things about Hacking but NOT about all. Yes i'm really passionate about hacking but true to say I don't have that skill properly. I m here to let you guys know what is hacking or what is Facebook hacking. Actually Nowadays a Facebook Account can not be Hacked! By reading this line most of u wondering that facebook is still hacking so this line is not true. Yeah its true that nowadays people's Facebook accounts are being hacked and perhaps many accounts are being hacked at this moment somewhere! So how does it happen?
Basically nowadays everyone can be a hacker. And this type of hackers uses Phishing attack to grab somebody's facebook account's login credentials. so all they need a fake facebook login page and send that link to the victim and as he/she clicks that link and login to that fake facebook page with his/her facebook username and password, that hacker/phisher instantly catch that login credentials from his specific email which came from that victim! see it is that easy! It is an example of phishing attack. there are many other phishing trick out there to grab somebody's password but this example is quite famous. Most of the people have already beware about this and they know enough about this. Another way is Keylogging. Its a simple Software/tool that may installed in a computer or any other device that can be used to grab your keystrokes and when you are typing your password on the keyboard the keylogger tool can grab your password and store that password into its specific location or send it to any specific email remotely! and after that when you are gone the hacker can easily open that file of Keylogger and find your all keystrokes including your passwords,email and pin number! One more trick is guessing. I think that I don't need to say anything about this.You guys know about this very well.

So these are some common reason behind hacking/stealing passwords.
Except these a Facebook account can NOT be hacked because Facebook Inc has improved their security system very strongly and they are still improving their system everyday and as far as i know that's why Facebook is the most famous Social Network in the entire world! Facebook has a lot of brilliant engineers to give much security codings. Now if anybody can break into their security system he must go to Facebook HQ for a job with a huge amount of salary.


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